Our Adult Kung Fuprogram is specially designed for Adults and emerging Adults. This program is designed to bring you the physical, mental and emotional well being that is so often missing in adult life today. Through the movements and techniques of Kung Fu we learn in fun and exciting ways. Each class is approximately 90 minutes long and designed to give you the gifts of better health, increased confidence, greater focus, and good
sportsmanship. Keys to success that you'll see reflected not only in the training area but
in the classroom and the workplace.  Twin Dragon is the Only school in the Region that Teaches real Authentic and Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu. These classes are for adults who want to improve themselves physically and mentally, while learning
Effective Self-Defense.

All classes are conducted in a safe, controlled and enjoyable environment utilizing age appropriate techniques to instill logical thinking, health and fitness, memorization, and social skills. Classes include blocks, kicks, strikes, and basic self-defense techniques taught in a safe, fun manner. Our Adult Kung Fu students learn self-discipline and self-defense, but also how to be the Very Best they can be, all while having lots of fun and building lasting friendships. In addition, our classes set all our students on the path of lifelong physical fitness by showing them the joys of having improved balance, coordination, flexibility and strength through our Kung Fu skills, weapons training and
other activities.

Whether you're seeking a fun and exciting activity for your family, or a truly electrifying self-improvement experience; our school features classes for students of every age!

At Twin Dragon our Teachers have undergone vast amounts of training to prepare them to teach you in the very best way possible. Not only are we highly skilled in the Martial Arts, but we are also Teachers licensed by the state of NH. Sifu has been teaching Martial Arts for 22 years, and has 10 years experience as a public school teacher. Simo has been assisting Sifu for 17 years, and has 8 years experience in the public school. That combined with the experiences we have as professional Martial Artists, allows us to offer training that is second to None.

If you are a parent we know you want the very best for your children, and we all put a lot of effort into making sure our kids are well-prepared for life. Set the Best example for
your Tiny Tiger or Little Dragon by enrolling yourself in a life changing program
at Twin Dragon.

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