Counting in Cantonese is mostly pattern recognition.
You must memorize the numbers 1-10, and then a pattern will begin to appear.

One through Ten

Here are the Numbers 0-10 in an audio file. 
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〇 (零) lìhng zero 0
一 (壹) yāt one 1
二 (貳) yih two 2
三 (叁) sāam three 3
四 (肆) sei four 4
五 (伍) ńgh five 5
六 (陸) luhk six 6
七 (柒) chāt seven 7
八 (捌) baat eight 8
九 (玖) gáu nine 9
十 (拾) sahp ten 10

Parenthesized entries are the complex forms, which are used mainly in notarized, official documents. An exception is zero wherein the complex form is more widely used.
Tens, Hundreds, Thousands, Etc.

十一 sahp-yāt eleven 11
十二 sahp-yih twelve 12
十三 sahp-sāam thirteen 13

等等 etc.
二十     yih-sahp      twenty 20
二十一 yih-sahp-yāt twenty-one 21
二十二 yih-sahp-yih twenty-two 22
二十三 yih-sahp-sāam twenty-three 23

等等 etc.

一百 yāt-bāak one-hundred 100
一百零八 yāt-bāak-lìhng-baat one-hundred and eight 108
一百六十六 yāt-bāak-luhk-sahp-luhk one-hundred and sixty-six 166
二百三十 yih-bāak-sāam-sahp two-hundred and thirty

等等 etc.

一千 yāt-cin one-thousand 1,000
七千二百一十三 chāt-cin-yih-bāak-yāt-sahp-sāam seven thousand two hundred and thirteen 7,213

等等 etc.

一萬 yāt-maan one myriad or ten-thousand 10,000
四萬三千 sei-maan-sāam-cin forty-three thousand 43,000

等等 etc.

十萬 sahp-maan one-hundred thousand 100,000
九十六萬八千二百七十四 gáu-sahp-luhk-maan-baat-cin-yih-bāak-chāt-sahp-sei nine hundred and sixty-eight thousand two hundred and seventy-four 968,274

等等 etc.

一百萬 yāt-bāak-maan one million 1,000,000
六百七十八萬二千 luhk-bāak-chāt-sahp-baat-maan-yih-cin six-million seven-hundred and eighty-two thousand 6,782,000

等等 etc.
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